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Utah's Inspired History

This is both an upcoming book and our signature elective class.

The histories of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and California all have a connection to the history of Deseret. Even parts of Oregon, Colorado and New Mexico share in this heritage.

Adult specific presentations are free for adults who are in the Early Contributor Community.

Add as an extra elective course for students, or supplement government school "history" with this to properly balance your student's exposure to history.

Utah's Inspired History

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Prophets, The Constitution and Utah's Gadianton Robbers

2018 Annual Event - Sep 29th, 2018

Guests: Ammon Bundy, Dr. Scott Bradley and Ben McClintock

Deseret Family Academy has teamed up with other concerned organizations in Utah, to bring you a power packed evening of everything you didn't know you didn't know about practical civic action.

Have you been thinking about liberty and your civic duty, but not sure where to get started? Then this is the place for you.

For older teens and adults, power packed four hours

We will feed you dinner and dessert

  • What really happened on the Bundy Ranch and why
  • Effectively reclaiming your rights
  • What have the prophets said about the constitution, from primary sources
  • How politics REALLY work in Utah
  • Identifying and stopping modern day Gadianton Robbers
  • LDS Perspective, but practical info for all

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, you will learn many new things this evening.

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Free Online Classes

Free self-paced online classes

These classes help you make sure you understand the fundamentals of liberty. Just like before calculus and algebra, you need to know your times tables, these are the basic principles before trying to restore proper government to our nation.

12 lesson course on Liberty - Latter-day Conservative

Restoring the Founding Principles of the United States Constitution - Dr. Scott Bradley

"Could it be that our hardest education problems were answered by the prophets over a century ago?" - Jack Monnett

The long term vision of LDS education

Revealed Educational Principles and a Restored Education.

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