A Sample of "Revealed Educational Principles"
As revealed through revelation and experience to the Saints in the Deseret territory

Temporal and spiritual cannot be separated – All things are spiritual to the Lord
We are a peculiar people - The Lord’s doctrine often includes unconventional practices not understood by the world – Isaiah 55:8
The Lord uses pure learning environments before important missions
All curriculum should be (1) practical & (2) in harmony with revealed truth. You should be able to take what you're learning and use it to build the Kingdom of God on earth.
Personal revelation is part of the educational experience
There is no true science without true religion
Taxes should never support education – sacrifices always bring about blessings a hundred fold
The home environment is the true seat of knowledge – nothing we do should take away from the stewardship of the family
Scriptures are the primary textbooks
Teachers must be examples of possessing the spirit of God
Never let emotions over rule principles
Though the schooling process is based on revealed principles, the implementation is line upon line
Schools are concerned for the spiritual welfare of students and faculty