Utah's Inspired History Restoring the History of the Nation of Deseret

Ezra Taft Benson, Changing Church History
Deseret Family Academy, Ensign Peak

Utah's Inspired History is both an upcoming book and Deseret Family Academy's signature elective class.

The histories of Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and California all have a connection to the history of Deseret. Even parts of Oregon, Colorado and New Mexico share in this heritage.

About the Book

This history will admittedly and unashamedly cover Utah's history like no history on the area ever has, and put you into the context of the time being covered - not the culture of our day and time. This perspective will honor the view of the original settlers that they were led by revelation and inspiration of God. Putting us in this mindset as we cover the history also recognizes the fact that many events in it's history were a part of what John Taylor said was, "The results of a deep-laid and carefully planned conspiracy" (Deseret News 13 April 1886)

Featuring contributions by Dr. Scott Bradley, Ph.D., and historian Ben McClintock, plus original documents obtained from University of Utah special collections, BYU special collections, the Church History library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the official history library of the State of Utah.

Hardback. Nearly 250 pages with student and teacher resources, including student activities and assignments, and a glossary.

About the Class

Class to be announced in the future.

Online classes are interactive using Zoom. (You do NOT need to purchase a Zoom account to attend class)

Who should take this class?

  • Homeschool students that want a Utah History course
  • Government (public, charter, etc) school students that want to counteract the incorrect or incomplete history they're already getting.
  • Other private school students that want a deeper study of Utah/LDS history
  • Students enrolled in any other Deseret Family Academy program
  • Anybody who already studies history, because everyone will learn new things they've never heard before in this course